RC for hot cutting

A robotic cell with two implemented robots for handling a trimming machine. The first robot moves a workpiece from the batching tower with the compensation of core components and lays it down into the trimming machine.The second robot takes a workpiece out of the trimming machine and gives it away onto the separating slide.
Slika 1
Slika 2
Slika 3

RC for run-on rods treatment

A robotic cell with three implemented robots for handling lathes and thread rolling machines. Robots move firstly workpieces for treatment from the stockroom into the CNC lathe and after that into the thread rolling machine. The line is equipped with a washing and measuring cell.

RC for grinding of forged flashes

A robotic cell for grinding forged flashes is intended for the treatment of workpieces which have to be grinded during the technological process. A robot cell is designed as a container cell with a robot on the ceiling which takes care of dosage and manipulation of workpieces onto the grinding unit. Grinding units are pneumatically controlled and equipped with grinding belts.

A measuring appliance for concaveness measuring

An automatic measuring appliance is intended for measuring and monitoring the concaveness of forgings’ surface after cold calibration and consists of the manipulative and measuring part. The measuring part uses inductive measuring probes and their signals are computer processed.

Robot gripper

We design, construct and produce robot grippers for various purposes of robotic handling of components for final customers. Robot grippers are intended for catching hold of forgings of very complicated geometrical shapes and positioning.

Automatic workpiece magazine

We provide our own development and the production of automatic workpiece magazine which is intended for an all-purpose handling cell which can be used on different processing machines.

Robotic handling of the CNC milling center

We construct and produce robotic handling centers which simultaneously handle two CHIRON twin spindle machining centers. The system enables handling and monitoring with only one operator.